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Electrical Boxes

Our electrical boxes are designed for enclosing wire connections and protecting them from short circuits. In addition, we have durable specific boxes of suitable materials. These boxes contain light switches, outlets, and wires for outside and inside uses.

Electrical boxes can also differentiate in a base of uses, named “Junction,” “Handy,” “New Work,” “Old Work,” and “Outdoors”. For example, our junction boxes are used for a wire connection between boxes, the handy one mounted onto wall surfaces. However, the new and old box is used for construction projects.

BCH manufactures electrical boxes of all types, including Welded, Terminal, and BCH-SS. These sustainable and robust solutions are used in various industry segments like machine, power, steel, chemical, railway, cement, food, coastal regions, etc.

Our wide range of electrical solutions come in various sizes and materials as per applications. We prepared these boxes with powder coating quality, seamless PU gasket, and SS finishes that make them long-living.

As a well-known Electrical Boxes manufacturer & supplier, we also customize electrical solutions as required. For example, we include non-standard sizes, colors, door configuration, lock, powder coating, and more.

Primarily available with the IP55/66 version, Bhartia and BCH-SS boxes have left-hand side and right-hand side interchangeable doors. In addition, the BCH electrical boxes come with wall mounting bracket options for foolproof mounting options, including mounting plate & gland plate.

The same boxes have DIN (Deutsche Institut fur Normung) rail mounting brackets for inside support. This DIN rail is based on the Deutsche Industrie Norm that defines tolerance and dimension of rail.

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