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Motor Starters & Submersible Pump Controller

Motor Starters & Submersible Pump Controller

BCH Direct-on-Line (DOL) Starters & Star Delta Starters are highly reliable & time tested starters & suitable for wide range of agriculture & industrial applications.

BCH Starters

BCH Starters have suitable rating contactors to operate the motor & best in class overload relays to protect the motor from faults.

BCH Submersible Pump Controller

  • Suitable rating Rugged & Proven Contactors (having encapsulated coil)
  • Best in class & reliable Overload relays
  • ON-OFF push Button
  • Auto Switch (with ON delay) cum Single phasing preventer
  • Ammeter with suppresed scale (to withstand high and very high motor starting currents)
  • Voltmeter (with Voltmeter selector switch)
  • Motor "ON" & "Trip" LED indications
  • Selector Switch (3 position) - Auto-Manual-Manual SPP
  • Selector Switch (2 position) - Auto-Manual
  • Available Phase indications "R" "Y""B" (in premium version)
  • Short Circuit Protection - MCB/MCCB (in premium version)
  • Rugged termination board (T.B.) of suitable rating


  • Overload protection
  • Single phase protection
  • Phase Reversal protection
  • Phase Unbalance protection
  • Auto Start of Pump with ON delay (switch ON the pump after analysing the voltage conditions)