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Pump Controllers

Pump Controllers

Pump controllers monitor flow and level variables and adjust pumps accordingly to maintain the desired level. Pump controls can include turning the pump on and off, or they can be more advanced, such as controlling the speed of the pump, the output pressure, etc. The majority of pump controllers have features such as rate indication and totalizer, data logger, and chart recorder. Some products control pressure or level. Using level controllers, you can monitor, regulate, and control liquids and solids.

Pumps can be easily controlled using frequency inverters, inverters, or converters. A rotational speed can be altered by varying the amplitude or changing the frequency. Due to the inverter, the control is very fast and effective, reflected in the pumping plants' excellent controllability.

Why Use A Pump Controllers?

A pump controllers is primarily used to prevent or minimize damage to the pump. It is designed for pumps to operate within a specific parameter range, and the pump controllers identify when these parameters are exceeded and send a signal for the pump to stop working, usually by shutting it down.

Secondly, pump controllers can minimize or prevent non-pump damage as well. In order to detect problems with the pump system when they occur, pump controllers use monitoring sensors.

Pump Controllers Benefits

  • Using appropriate pressure and flow sensors, the controllers shuts down the pump when extreme pressure or flow changes are detected.
  • A blockage in the system is likely causing the flow rate to drop suddenly. As a result, besides saving your pump from failure, it can also indicate other system problems that must be addressed.
  • Pump controllers can also identify leaking or broken valves when properly configured.
  • Using controllers to manage your pumps can make your equipment and system more efficient.

Pump Controllers Types

Pump controllers automate and protect your pumps by starting and stopping them when needed. We offer Fixed Speed (electronic pressure-flow regulators) and Variable Speed (inverters) controllers.

Fixed speed controllers can be fitted to the outlet's surface pumps or the pipework before the first draw-off. Basically, fixed speed refers to how the controller operates the pump - you cannot choose a speed because it's fixed, so either the pump is on or off. In addition, many controllers have "dry run protection" built into them.

Variable Speed Controllers are more intelligent and adjust the pump's performance to suit demand. As a result, they are also more energy efficient, resulting in lower operating costs. As all outlets are supplied with the same amount of water, they also give the impression of luxury. A variety of electronic controllers with in-built pump protection against dry running can also be found in this section, including flow switches, pressure switches, & other electronic switches.

Additionally, Pump Controllers Use Different Control Techniques

  • In limit control, a set point or limit causes the pump controllers to send a signal that stops or starts a process variable when it is reached.
  • A variable input signal is matched with a variable control signal using linear control. To produce the correct output control signal, signal conditioning, filtering, and amplification can be used.
  • Real-time feedback is required to achieve proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) control.
  • Feedforward control provides direct-control compensation, which can be used open-loop or with an advanced PID controller.
  • Rather than a binary status (completely true or completely false), fuzzy logic refers to variables with approximate values (partially true). Control algorithms such as neural networks and adaptive gains can also be used with pump controllers

BCH Electric designs pump controllers with powerful, unique features to achieve optimal performance in different kinds of pumping stations. To meet the needs of different users, a diverse range of controllers are available.

BCH Starters

BCH Starters have suitable rating contactors to operate the motor & best in class overload relays to protect the motor from faults.

BCH Submersible Pump Controller

  • Suitable rating Rugged & Proven Contactors (having encapsulated coil)
  • Best in class & reliable Overload relays
  • ON-OFF push Button
  • Auto Switch (with ON delay) cum Single phasing preventer
  • Ammeter with suppresed scale (to withstand high and very high motor starting currents)
  • Voltmeter (with Voltmeter selector switch)
  • Motor "ON" & "Trip" LED indications
  • Selector Switch (3 position) - Auto-Manual-Manual SPP
  • Selector Switch (2 position) - Auto-Manual
  • Available Phase indications "R" "Y""B" (in premium version)
  • Short Circuit Protection - MCB/MCCB (in premium version)
  • Rugged termination board (T.B.) of suitable rating


  • Overload protection
  • Single phase protection
  • Phase Reversal protection
  • Phase Unbalance protection
  • Auto Start of Pump with ON delay (switch ON the pump after analysing the voltage conditions)