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MCB and RCCB in Circuit

Normally RCCB is employed as the In-comer and MCB as outgoing feeders. Before RCCB was introduced, Isolator was engaged as Incomer and MCBs as feeders. When RCCB initially came into...Read More

BCH Electrical Enclosures

Protected: Growth in Customised Industrial Enclosures

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password:Read More

MCB : Protection from overload & Short circuit

MCB now becomes a vital protection device. It is advised to use MCB in every electrical installation to safeguard you and your equipment against overload and short circuit    ...Read More


Why You Should Choose the MCCB Carefully

Sometimes the jargon used by the experts can get a bit overwhelming. You want your home, office, facility, or any other place using electricity for lighting and other work to...Read More

Electrical enclosure

Keep Your Electric System Secure

At BCH we firmly believe in putting you — our customer — first. Accordingly, we design our enclosure keeping in mind your concerns, especially the safety and long lite of...Read More

Stay Protected from Electrical Fires

Stay Protected from Electrical Fires

The low voltage wires and cables market in India comprises both organized and unorganized players. Recent changes in the governing regulatory and technical standards for insulated electrical cable and cords...Read More

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