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Motor Starter

Motor Starter is an electrical switching and protection device meant to safely start, stop, or protect a motor. Motor Starter is electromagnetic switches designed primarily to control the electrical power supplied to a motor, which can be automatic or manual. Besides this, Motor Starter protects the motor from low overloads and faults. Therefore it serves two major purposes – to switch the power automatically or manually to the motor and provide overload protection by preventing the motor from drawing heavy currents that may damage it.

To summarize the major functions of a Motor Starter include:

  • To Start the Motor/ Pump.
  • To Turn off the Motor/ Pump.
  • To prevent damages due to electrical faults.

The two major elementary components of a Motor Starter are Contactor and Overload Relay.

  • Contractors are responsible for controlling the electrical to the motor. they establish or interrupt the current flow in a circuit.
  • Overload Relays Relay play the vital role of protecting the motor from high currents and faults by preventing them from overheating due to drawing too much current. If it detects the unusual current, it breaks the power supply and prevents the rotor windings from damaging.

BCH Electric Limited has been pioneer in bringing best in class Motor Starter and Submersible Pump Controller that serve many applications in Industries and Agriculture.

So what makes BCH Motor Starter more reliable?

  • An effective way to reduce the operational cost due to Tough, Rugged and Reliable NHD Contactor
  • Allows complete control over the current flow.
  • Motor Starter results in better performance of the equipment and hence the long life.
  • Made by using the best in class Overload Relays and suitable rating Contactors.
  • Prevents the motor from overheating and thus better operating efficiency
  • Monitor and protect electrical equipment, thus reducing the overall cost.
  • Ensures reliable working of the motor even if input power supply voltage is low.
  • Wide range of options considering its use in industrial and agricultural sectors.

Some of the Best Features of BCH Submersible Pump Controllers:

  • Suitable rating Tough, Rugged & Reliable Contactors.
  • Encapsulated coil in Contactor
  • Best in class – reliable and proven Overload relays
  • ON-OFF push Button
  • Auto Switch (with ON delay) cum Single phasing preventer
  • Auto Start of Pump with ON delay for switching ON the pump only after analyzing the voltage conditions
  • Ammeter with suppressed scale (to withstand high starting currents of motor)
  • Voltmeter (with Voltmeter selector switch)
  • Motor “ON” & “Trip” LED indications
  • Selector Switch (3 position) – Auto-Manual-Manual SPP
  • Phase indications “R”, “Y”, “B” available in premium version
  • Short Circuit Protection – MCB/MCCB available in premium version
  • Rugged termination board (T.B.) of suitable rating

BCH Starter Overload Protections:

Overload Protection in BCH Starters prevent possible damages to the motors and other electrical equipment attached to it caused due to overcurrents and other electrical faults. The Protection offers:

  • Overload protection
  • Single phase protection
  • Phase Reversal protection
  • Phase Unbalance protection

It offers complete motor protection against overload, single phasing, phase reversal & unbalanced voltages conditions.

BCH India Pvt Ltd offers an array of Motor Starter that have an extensive range of applications in the Industrial and Agriculture sectors. The major categories include:

  • Direct On-Line Starters (DOL): The most versatile and widely used Motor Starter for small motors, especially up to 10/12.5HP. Direct On Line Starters connect the motor directly to the power supply. BCH DOL Starters consist of premium quality Contactor and reliable Overload Relay Protection.
    • These DOL Starters have proven to be very dependable with failsafe operation for best equipment performance.
    • Provides complete motor protection against overload, single phasing, phase reversal & unbalanced voltages conditions.
    • It is the most cost effective and reliable way to control motor operations Most user friendly type with simple and understandable operation.
    • Since the starting current is high, it provides high initial torque.
    • Available in a range of starters based on AC rating required for motors.
  • Star Delta Starter: Another widely used starter for industrial applications majorly employed for large induction motors with 3 phase. Here, the connection is switched between Star and Delta during starting and running of the motor respectively.
    • Again, this is a simple and very cost efficient method.
    • It reduces the input voltage while starting the motor, thus protecting the motor from high inrush current.
    • Once the motor starts and picks up the speed, the Contactor automatically shifts to Delta connection, thus supplying normal voltage to the motor.
    • It does not require much maintenance.
    • It is best for long acceleration time.
    • BCH offers two types of Star Delta Starters:
      • Fully Automatic Star Delta Starter (FASD)
      • Semi-Automatic Star Delta Starter (SASD)