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Solid State Relay

Overview Solid State Relay

BCH Solid State Relay are ideal for an application that requires high switching frequency and can be used in harsh environments like shock, vibration, and dusty environments.

Solid State Relay electronically switches power to a load circuit, and Solid State Relay has no moving parts. Therefore, there is no mechanical wear and tear on contacts. The life expectancy of Solid State Relay is over 100 million operations.
BCH Solid State Relay is widely used in heating control, Motor control, capacitor switching and lighting control, solenoid, transformer control, and air conditioning applications.

The BCH electronic switching device is used for external voltage (AC or DC) for controlling terminals. While serving the same functions as an electromechanical relay, expect moving parts. Solid State Relay differs from a general relay, does not contain any mechanical contacts, and mostly uses electronic parts. Thus, Solid State Relays have wide features.

BCH Solid State Relay ranges from 12A to 125A. In which single-phase and three-phase Solid State Relay are available with low-level output control without interfacing. Its narrow Solid State Relay range has current monitoring & temperature controller PID with high switching frequency and longer life. Solid relay has a compact size that has input voltage 3 to 32VDC while other voltages are on request.

Specification and Features Solid State Relay

  • Range 12A to 125A
  • Single phase and three phase Solid State Relay
  • Slim Solid State Relay range (22.5mm) with current monitoring & temperature controller PID
  • Input Voltage 3 to 32VDC ,Other voltages on request
  • High switching frequency and longer life
  • Reliable and quite operation
  • Compact size
  • Low level output control possible without interfacing
  • CE Certification Marked


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