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MCCB – Overview

A MCCB is an electrical protection device that protects an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuits. It is a circuit breaker type, a switch that can be opened and closed to control the flow of electricity in a circuit. The MCCB is designed to automatically detect a fault condition, such as an overload or short circuit, and open the circuit to prevent any further damage. It is typically used in commercial and industrial applications where the circuit is expected to draw more current than a standard circuit breaker can safely handle. The MCCB is capable of handling up to about 1000 amps.

Electricity, since the time of its inception, has transformed the world, impacting lives of people.However, it’s a source of limitless power that needs to be controlled and used wisely and safely while conserving it at the same time. Ergo, the increasing demand for electrical devices that fulfill this purpose. MCBs and MCCBs are such important tools that are developed to safeguard electrical equipment and prevent mishaps.


MCCB which also stands for Moulded Case Circuit Breaker, is an advanced version of MCB. It is essentially an electrical protection device that aids in isolating the electric current in a circuit in case of current overload, short circuits and other electrical faults. The major difference being it usually has an adjustable trip system. Since, MCCBs has a wide range of frequencies and voltages and can be used for low as well as high breaking capacity requirements, making it preferable for multiple industrial applications.

Thus three major functions of a MCCB include:

  • Immediately interrupts a current that is extremely high due to a line fault or a short circuit and provides protection.
  • If the current is higher than the rated value and lasts a longer time than normal, MCCB protects from the current overload.
  • It has an on and off function that is used to switch the circuit on or off during repairs and replacements.

So how does this work?

Simply explained, MCCB has two elements – Thermal and Magnetic, which are temperature sensitive and current sensitive respectively. These elements in coordination constitute the trip mechanism for protection and isolation of the electrical equipment. It fundamentally performs three functions based on the sensitive element in operation.

  • Overload Protection –In this case a temperature sensitive component is responsible to provide protection. The bimetallic contact in the MCCB is heat sensitive and expands upon exposure to rise in temperature. When the current exceeds the trip value, the contact expands and bends away due to temperature difference, eventually pushing the trip bar and breaking the circuit.
  • Electrical Fault Protection against short circuit –This protection mechanism is based on electromagnetism and has an instant response. The magnetic component of the MCCB generates a potentially significant magnetic field when a strong electric current flows through it. This magnetized component attracts the trip bar and thus breaks the current flow.
  • Electrical Switch for disconnection –MCCB works as a disconnection switch in addition to the tripping mechanism. In case of emergencies or during maintenance activities, MCCB can be tripped manually to disconnect the equipment.

Significance of using MCCBs

MCCB are high-duty protection devices that are meant to handle higher level current flow. There are many advantages of using MCCB due to its specific features in industrial setups such as:

  • Compact Size: Due to its smaller size, MCCB saves a lot of space in the panel designs.
  • Short Downtime: MCCBs can be immediately switched back on or reset after a faulty tripping.
  • Cost-effective: It is a very pocket friendly way of saving energy, protecting equipment and preventing damages lowering the maintenance and recovery costs.
  • Low Maintenance: MCCBs need very negligible maintenance.

Why BCH Mouded Case Circuit Breakers are the deal breakers?

BCH Moulded Case Circuit Breakers are triple pole ones with current ratings ranging from 16 Amp to 630 Amp and available in three compact frame sizes – 100A, 250A & 630A. Our products are designed with superior quality standards for best performance and safety considering the interests of our clients. BCH Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is preferred by various prestigious institutions for its reliable performance.

  • BCH Moulded Case Circuit Breaker comes with a high ultimate short circuit breaking capacity (ICU) & service short circuit breaking capacity (Ics) starting from 10 KA to 50 KA. BCH Moulded Case Circuit Breaker offers protection flexibility with two type of trip units
    • Thermal Magnetic Release
    • Microprocessor Release ( LSIG)
  • Entire range of MCCB is tested and certified as per IS/IEC 60947-2 and carries CE Mark.
  • BCH MCCB can withstand higher temperatures, higher currents and higher pressure without damaging the device. Thus has a longer life cycle.

Applications of MCCB

MCCB with its ability to handle multiple frequencies and adjustable trip settings, is an ideal protection device for multitude of industrial applications.

  • Adjustable Trip Settings for Applications with Low Current:Most viable way to provide protection to equipment that need low current for instance MCCBs with ratings below 100 amp can handle lower current values by adjusting the trip settings..
  • Capacitor Banks:Sometimes industrial and commercial electrical systems need capacitor banks to correct power factors. These capacitor banks may draw high levels of current where MCCB comes handy to protect these devices.
  • Welding Machines:MCCB is essentially used in the welding industry to protect the welding machines. It separated the equipment from the transformer supply and supply line. Thus protecting the device and transformer of 600 volts and higher.
  • Protecting Motors:MCCB can protect the motors by preventing damages caused by arc flash and short circuits. If the electrical equipment does not have any insulating material or other protection such as grounding, it can get affected by the arc flashes created due to excess current and may lead to fire or explosion. MCCB thus plays a vital role in preventing such mishaps and also consequent accidents.
  • Protecting Generators:Generators produce high current output thus requiring protection. MCCB can handle this higher current flow and isolates the device from the generator.
  • Electric Feeders:Feeder circuits distribute high electric current and therefore carry high amps of current. MCCBs are very effective in handling this type of current flow.

In conclusion, MCCB offers a versatile method to protect electrical equipment with higher voltage level or adjustable trip settings or a combination of both. BCH Moulded Case Circuit Breakers guarantees safe and reliable operations in the long run with its adequate ratings, fine quality and low maintenance.


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