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MPCB – Motor Protection Circuit Breaker


The term MPCB refers to Motor Protection Circuit Breaker. They are designed to withstand starting currents without interrupting the circuit. The motor protection circuit breaker (MPCB) protects the motor from faults using a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker. For electric motors, the selection of the MPCB depends upon the motor’s full load current and the maximum short circuit current possible. MPCBs are available for different voltage levels, generally around 230 V to 660 V. They are unique in that they can withstand starting currents without interrupting the circuit.


Functions of MPCB:- 

Motor protection circuit breakers, or MPCBs, are specialized electromechanical devices that can be used with motor circuits at both 60Hz and 50Hz. Several functions allow it to provide a safe electrical supply for motors: 

  • A protection system against electrical faults, such as short circuits, line-to-ground faults, and line-to-line faults. Electrical faults that are below the MPCB’s breaking capacity can be interrupted by the board. 
  • Motor overload protection is used when a motor draws more current than its nameplate value for a prolonged period of time. MPCBs usually have overload protection that can be adjusted.
  •  Protection against phase imbalances and phase loss. In both cases, a three-phase motor can suffer severe damage, which is why the MPCB disconnects the motor as soon as the fault is detected. 
  • Thermal delay to prevent motors from being turned on immediately after overloads so that they can cool down. It is possible to permanently damage a motor if it is turned back on after it has overheated. 
  • Motor Circuit Switching – MPCBs are generally equipped with buttons or dials to switch motor circuits. 
  • Fault Signaling – Many motor protection circuit breakers have a display that turns on whenever a trip in the MPCB occurs. Until the fault is resolved, the electric motor must not be connected again. This visual signal alerts nearby personnel that a fault has occurred. 
  • Automatic Reconnection – Some MPCB models allow a cooling down period to be entered in case of overload. Once the cooling down period is entered, the motor will restart automatically. Due to the high cost of electric motors, motor protection circuit breakers are very important. Unless a motor is protected correctly, costly repair work or even equipment replacement may be necessary. MPCBs will extend the service life of an electric motor that is adequately protected.

MPCB Applications and Uses

  • MPCBs are mainly used to protect electrical motors, as their name implies. 
  • The MPCB is used in AHU (Air Handling Unit) panels to operate and protect the motors. 
  • MPCBs are used for air compressors, lift motors, elevators, etc. 
  • In motors that drive variable loads, such as cranes, escalators, and elevators, MPCBs are used. 
  • Additionally, exhaust motors are also controlled and protected by MPCBs.

Benefits of MPCB: 

An MPCB is a combination of two electrical devices. Initially, it is more expensive but has many other advantages, as outlined below. 

  • Compactness 
  • Breaking capacity of high quality 
  • Coordination of short circuit protection 
  • A reduction in the amount of wiring required 
  • Design standards based on ecological principles 
  • All MPCB frames come with standard accessories 
  • Various accessories available which suit your requirements 
  • An IP20 terminal cover prevents accidental contact with electrically charged components

Types of MPCB: 

According to Phase: 

  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase 

According to Motor capacity: 

  • Single-phase motor capacity 
  • Three-phase motor capacity 

According to protection devices: 

  • Thermal and Magnetic protection 
  • Magnetic protection

BCH’s Best Solution for Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB)

A wide range of industrial establishments nationwide depend on BCH as a specialist manufacturer and supplier of Motor Protection Circuit Breakers (MPCBs). We offer many different types of Motor Protection Circuit Breakers, including ones with adjustable current limits. 

BCH Motor Protection Circuit Breakers have a built-in contactor and relay, so an additional contactor and relay are unnecessary. A feature that automatically reconnects the device is also included. 

The BCH Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB) is compact and can be placed in a small space. 

A superior quality of service is offered by BCH to its customers. Vertical sections monitor and control electric parameters in a Motor Protection Circuit Breaker. Therefore, many Motor Protection Circuit Breakers are capable of handling high currents at low voltages. 

A team of experts oversees the manufacturing of BCH breakers and uses only high-quality materials and components. Customized specifications are available for our Motor Protection Circuit Breakers based on client needs. There are benefits for all INDUSTRIES when using BCH Motor Protection Circuit Breakers.

Specification and Features

  • Range : 0.1A to 63A
  • Conforms to IEC 60947-4, IEC 60947-2
  • Mechanical & Electrical Endurance : 1 lakh operations
  • Side mounting & top mounting aux. contacts
  • UV & Shunt release
  • Clear trip indication
  • Rotary Handle option in MPH range


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