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For unmatched results and durability, BCH Freedom, Citation and NHD range of Power Contactor are your best option for reliable power switching, and motor solutions to ensure productivity in challenging environments.

BCH Contactor is compact, which gives customers extra space and more flexibility, and has a rugged construction to boast a long electrical and mechanical life. BCH Contactor and overload relays are ideal for tough industrial applications.

When you use BCH Contactor and overload relays, you are choosing reliability that will result in lower maintenance time and increased productivity.

BCH Contactor and overload relays are widely used in various applications like motor starters, pumps, cranes, welding, resistance furnaces, lighting, and HVAC. Be it agriculture, railways, steel production, or mining, BCH Contactor meet the requirements custom writing of all the demanding applications in industries with a wide range of 6A to 1200A AC3 duty.

Citation Contractor- The top performer of BCH contractors, the three-pole citation is the easiest to maintain. Because of its vast specifications and features, the contractor is best suited for mill duty, motor control centers, solenoid switching, heat circuits, and more. In addition, its rugged design, mechanical interlock, and total front maintainability made it one of the best in our contractor range.

4 Pole & 2 Pole Contractor- Powerful four-pole & two-pole BCH contractors stand strongly in harsh voltage fluctuations and single-phase pump control conditions. Because of its versatility, we have categorized it into four-pole, Two-pole CPG, Two-pole JPG. The power contractor has tough industrial applications and is well tested for fields like agriculture starters with its proven NHD contactor design.

Freedom Contractor- As we name it, BCH Freedom offers independence for all matters, including flexibility, cost, and maintenances. Moreover, its high electrical life makes it stand alone even in harsh and tough conditions. Ultimately, the use of low VA burden coils in the contractor accomplishes an eco-friendly score that makes it easy to inspect and quick for termination.


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