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Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Industrial Plugs & Sockets are different than house hold plugs & sockets as industrial environment expose devices to vibration, hazardous environments and multiple users of equipment.

They are designed in such a way so that, they can safely connect & disconnect the high amperage loads with complete safety for the operator.

Plug & Socket with integral switching device also known as ‘De-Contactor’. These Plugs & Sockets fulfills the requirement of safely connecting and disconnecting the loads.

Industrial Plugs & sockets are used in tough & arduous conditions in Indoor & outdoor applications. These are available in many IP ratings even water proof protection ratings IP65 & IP 67.

Usually, rating start from 16A and comes in different ratings 25A, 32 A, 63 A &125 Amp and voltage range can be 110V, 240V, 380V & 415 Volt.

What are checkpoints, we should be looking to select good Industrial Plugs & Sockets

  • Contact material:  Material used for the current carrying parts plays a key role in defining the quality of the plug & socket. Current carrying parts should be made of copper instead of Brass and added silver tip reduces the contact resistance at the joint while transferring the current.
  • Contact System: Contact system should be designed in such a way that it should maintain contact pressure for longer period of time, As compared to Pin & sleeve type, the butt type spring loaded contact system is much more reliable, because in spring loaded butt type contacts, the predetermined contact pressure ensures proper & reliable connection between plug & socket So the contact system with lower contact resistance & proper contact pressure leads to very low temperature rise, way below than the specified limits given in IEC:60309 & hence lead to much longer life of plug & sockets.

Insulating Material: The internal insulators should be made of insulating material, which has properties of high distortions temperature, high abrasion resistance & has got good strength & stiffness also at the same time. Nylon filled glass fibre could be good option. The material near the arcing zone should be flame retardant material e.g. thermoset polyester could be best suited for the applications

  • Safety Features :  Industrial use require high level of safety features in products
  • Live contacts of socket or connector shouldn’t be accessible, even when plug is in withdrawn condition
    • It should have in built mechanical interlock & integral switch, so that plug should isolated electrically from socket first with help of switch, before separating mechanically fully from the socket
    • Safety cover or lid of socket must be there, preferably spring loaded one, that should be closed automatically, immediately after the plug is taken out of the socket.
  • Vibration proof Termination:  Industrial plug & sockets are being widely used in the applications like in moving train or vehicle, mining & stone crushing machines etc. where there are lot of vibrations involved during the operation of the machine. For any such applications, termination on the Plug & sockets needs to be fully reliable, so that it doesn’t malfunction during working of machine. BCH DS type Plug & Socket comes with special split body type of terminations, also known as vibration proof terminals, makes it best fit & ideal solution for use in such applications
  • IP Rating:  Industrial plug & Sockets are available in different IP rating to get dust & water proof protection. IP 65 rating is preferred when there is much risk of liquid exposure or water in the outdoor applications.

Know more about IP ratings

IP Protection categories as per IEC 60529

BCH Industrial Plugs & Sockets are reliable & proven across industries and widely used in welding machines, robotics, motors and marble cutting machines, remote powering in cement, chemical, oil plants, coal mining, rail coach factories and railways station, metro stations,  railway maintenance sheds, moving containers, airports, ports, ship building yards, off shore platforms, food & beverages, milk containers, kitchen appliances,  portable or mobile power outlets being used in MES , defense & aerospace applications, cable connector applications, Oil pump stations, water pump stations, stage lighting , studio projectors & tunnel lighting etc.

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