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Electrical enclosure

Keep Your Electric System Secure

At BCH we firmly believe in putting you — our customer — first. Accordingly, we design our enclosure keeping in mind your concerns, especially the safety and long lite of products. We understand that you desire to install an electrical enclosure for your electrical systems to, protect from the outside. Given the highly variable climate conditions throughout the country, BCH engineers kept concerns in mind when designing the different kinds of the enclosure to ensure that we offer you protection from climatic variations.

We have ensured the long life of the enclosure with our unique powder coating process. This ensures that any enclosure manufactured by us can pass the 1000 hours salt spray test power usage. Browse our catalogs to find which kind of enclosure would be most appropriate for your requirements, whether you want to build a control panel, for machine automation or power control center & machine control centers. A mostly reliable PU gasket will provide the desired degree of protection.

BCH Boxes are fast-moving enclosures for electrical, which are readily available across India, surpassing our competitors in our reach. Such enclosures are vital to protect electronic and electrical power components used by various industries and manufacturing sectors. The BCH Boxes are widely used in power, railway, steel, cement, chemical, food industry, and OEM applications. We offer you a wide range of such enclosures with excellent powder pal and seamless PU gasket to ensure and reinforce security. They offer power relay control systems protection from dust, rain, moisture in humid conditions like in coastal areas.

If you have special requirements for your electrical enclosure like non-standard sizes, colors
for aesthetic concerns, and any other requirements like placement, we offer customized solutions
to meet them. They are available in IP55/66 versions and have been fabricated from 1.2 2mm to 3mm
CRCA material. They provide a control coated surface(RAL-7035) surface has a PU gasket to improve safety.


BCH SS boxes are the preferred choice in corrosive environments where it becomes even more critical to ensure that the enclosure secures electrical equipment against the harsh environment. They are widely used in the railways, cement, chemical, food industry, and coastal regions. We offer sustainable solutions for a wide range of electrical enclosures which available with SS finish, and a seamless PU gasket to prevent dust, and chemical particles floating in the air from entering the box. You have the choice of wall mounting your enclosure to save space.

If you are looking for customized solutions to meet your special requirements like non-standard sizes, colors, door configuration, lock requirements, and powder coating requirements, you have come to the right place. These boxes are customized to have interchangeable doors to open on the right-hand side left-hand side in accordance with keeping in mind where you propose to place them. This enclosure is fabricated from 1.22/1.66MM SS-304 material and has a mounting made up of 2mm galvanized steel. Our engineers have designed this electrical enclosure for use where safe electrical control is vital. This makes appropriate for use inside steel, plant, cement, construction sizes, power plant.